New website released – The developer’s note

Monday, 18.00, my inbox is about to collapse – loads of member requests, loads of profiles to approve. And still many small (often invisible) details to fix. Nevertheless it makes me incredibly happy to gather so many EMBS students and alumni on our new website.

The following lines will try to outline the functionalities of the website. If you wanna skip the reading and immediately sign-up, of course you’re  free to do so.

The informative part

What’s going on in EMBS and post-EMBS life? Some crazy people meeting up at -25° in Moscow? Alumni welcoming new students in Trento? The informative (and public) part has the aim to provide regularly updated insights to the current activities. Besides that, it also gives general information about what EMBS and the EMBS Alumni is all about and how the board is composed.

The social part

This section several features and functionalities:

First of all, it has the aim to provide an ever updated members directory and thus will be a valuable tool for the professional network. Furthermore also partner companies and current students will be able to make use of it. You can search by location, by role, by activity or many other criteria. Enjoy!


Secondly, it is a communication tool for public and private interaction. News, media or questions can be exchanced openly in the activity feed, closedly in groups and privately using the messenger.

Finally, the above mentioned groups can be also used for collaboration (e.g. in projects), as they offer the possiblity to upload documents and to comment them. Everyone can create group, join opens ones and ask the respective group owners to join closed ones.


The levels of access

The access to the homepage is divided into three different layers:

The public section: Information belonging to this one is visible to everyone visiting the site. This section includes the about us pages, news, the partner page as well as the general event information.

The restricted area: Only signed-up and approved members have the possiblity to see the activity feed and engage in groups.

The premium area: Some content is available only for premium members. Only official alumni and partner companies can see the member directory and read the talk magazine online. Current students can access the member directory for free.

Enjoy the website

This website is a tool and as every tool, its value will depend to a major extend on the way it is used. Therefor I hope, my mailbox keeps being busy (at this very second we count 26 sign-ups with a steady growth rate) and I hope you enjoy the site. For any observation or if you find a bug, please write to

Sounds interesting? At least worth a closer look? Don’t waste more time, sign-up here and now!

Best regards