EMBS 9 – here we go!

27 people starting in to a new adventure – meeting new people from all over the world, moving around Europe for 2 years, getting used to a new degree of flexibility. The 9th generation of EMBS Students experienced this in mid September in Trento at the start of their first semester.

How to move from Trento to Annecy? What are the toughest exams? And what is a master thesis supposed to look like? These and many more questions were raised by the students – an Alumni representative was sharing his experiences with the students.

Aperitivo EMBS 9
EMBS Students and an Alumni representative enjoying Aperitivo near the duomo.

A presentation of the EMBS Alumni association preceded this Q&A Session. An aperitivo next to the duomo was the final point of the agenda for this event.

The 9th generation is the largest one and the nationality of the students is very diversified. Members of the 9th generation come from “classic” EMBS Countries like Italy, Germany, France and Spain but also from Kongo, Vietnam, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

The EMBS Alumni wish a good start into the new experience and all the best for an exciting student life!