What you need to know about e-reputation, by Ronan Chardonneau

Ronan Chardonneau, EMBS alumni and associate professor in online marketing, is regularly writing for TALK Magazine. Today, he is sharing his experience of e-reputation. When Laetitia told me that the broad topic of the next TALK newsletter will be about e-reputation, I just thought,hold on wait a second, I may have something for you. I am teaching e-reputation for more than 3 years now at the University of Angers (Northwestern part of France) within a master program in HR and technologies. I also worked within web agencies in order to protect defend the reputation of our clients, it includes famous lawer, senator, businesses. The purpose of my article is to give you a couple of tips in order to start working on your own on online reputation. (more…)

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Reputation fighting

Come out fighting

Can corporate communicators learn from individuals fighting to protect personal reputation?

There was a time, not that long ago, when many high profile individuals lived by the mantra of Never Complain, Never Explain. What this meant in practise was that if a story broke in the media, or if an ex-employee or associate spilled the beans on an aspect of your private life, you simply would not engage in the story in any way. By never engaging (and never explaining) the story could never be fully corroborated so eventually would die.

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