Alumni Seminar Association wins the “Appel à projets” grant

The grant “Appel à projets” is an initiative taken each year by the University of Savoy.

Because “entrepreneurship ” and “international” are the founding principles of the university, a part of the budget is dedicated to interesting, innovative and disruptive projects to support students and their inventiveness.
The ranking for those projects necessarily takes the form of a “1/4” numbering (project ranked in first position out of 4 projects deposited in the component), without a tie.
After evaluation from the university, the project “Alumni Seminar ” has been ranked 2nd and won the grant.

The Alumni Seminar Association is thankful to be trusted by the University of Savoy. Get ready for the next seminar, that will take place in Rome, in the heart of history for this 10th anniversary of the EMBS Master.