Alumni Fees

How are the fees structured and what are they for?

The Alumni Fees can be divided into 2 blocks:

Membership fee: 25€ in 2018

  • Are the precondition for the Membership to the association
  • Cover the operational cost of the organization
  • Give you access to the member database
  • Give you access to premium content
  • Give you access to the job board (to be released in 2018)

Conference Fee: 25€ in 2018

  • Covers the room rental for the Seminars
  • Covers the Friday Dinner
  • Covers the Saturday Dinner
  • Dedicated to alumni members

How can the fees be paid?

You can transfer the money to:

Bank Name: LCL – Le Crédit Lyonnais
Bank Address: Annecy – Bd St Bernard
IBAN: FR37 3000 2021 5800 0007 0708 B16

Please indicate as a reason:
“Annual + 1st name + Last name” in case of 25 € (membership only)


“Annual & Conference + 1st name + Last name” in case of 50 € (membership + conference)