EMBS Alumni in a Workshop in Barcelona

About us

What is the EMBS Alumni Association all about? Who are the people making it up? And what is its purpose? In the next paragraphs you will find out more about us.

General information

The EMBS Alumni Association was founded by EMBS graduates, with the objectives to develop an extensive and international network of EMBS graduates and to keep alumni connected to the program and to each other.

The EMBS Alumni Association is composed by young International professionals working in more than 20 different countries. A majority of EMBS graduates is working in the marketing functions (1/3 of them), but also in consulting, auditing, controlling, human resources, purchasing or project management fields.

 Goals of the EMBS Alumni

The EMBS Alumni Association follows three main goals:

  • Keep the EMBS spirit alive: We are a platform with the objective to maintain the group feeling of our master program, which is achieved by the annual conference, more informal meetings and the member database.
  • Develop a global professional network of EMBS graduates
  • Assist current and prospective students by giving useful information and providing access to our professional network

More about us

If you want to find out more details, if you are a EMBS Graduate and you consider joining the alumni or if you are interested in EMBS and Post-EMBS life, sign up for our community or write to hello@embs-alumni.com.